At Vetsec we appreciate that every client is different, which is why we always endeavour to deliver a service to your clients that is personal to you and your practice. We do this not only by answering every call in your practice name and in a friendly manner, but also by abiding to the specific requirements of each individual client.

A crystal clear example of this came recently with a client running a specialist end of life veterinary service.shutterstock_220952173

The specialist end of life veterinary service, already playing a big role in American veterinary care where more than 200 mostly mobile practices make up an online directory, is a growing industry in the UK.

According to the International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care (IAAHPC), the industry is “about giving patients and caregivers control, dignity and comfort during the time they have remaining to live.”

The prospect of a comfortable and peaceful end for a beloved pet in the familiar surroundings of their own home is a more bearable option for many pet owners. And during such a difficult time, many owners too require delicate handling.

A bespoke service

Where an end of life service differs from most veterinary practices, is that every caller is in a similar situation. Having built our reputation on the friendly style we answer every call, we found that our usual manner of answering didn’t fit the tone of this particular client, given their specialised area.

Which is why we worked with the client to establish a differing answering style for any of the team of Vetsec Virtual Veterinary Receptionists handling their enquiries.

At Vetsec, our team of professional and friendly VVRs strive to fulfil the bespoke requirements of your practice, whether it be a package designed to suit your needs, or adapting the service we provide for you.

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