We’re booking an extra 40 to 50 appointments a month since we started using Vetsec

Established for 22 years, Alpha Vets prides itself on providing a friendly, efficient service. But the practice was missing calls, and, following a two-week trial with Vetsec, found the extra calls answered almost directly correlated into extra bookings.

Eleanor Conaghan, of Alpha Vets, explains how Vetsec has made a big difference to their appointment book.

“Vetsec answer all our calls that aren’t answered within 15 seconds, and all calls that are engaged.”

“Before we took on Vetsec, we just answered calls ourselves and used an answer machine. We were missing calls, and I think we missed quite a few clients.” This proved to be the case as, following the trial, the practice suddenly noticed that all of their diaries were full and took on Vetsec full time; they have been a client for more than six months now.

And how have Alpha Vets been affected now Vetsec’s Virtual Veterinary Receptionists are ensuring that every call is answered, in a friendly and professional manner? “We’ve found ourselves booking an extra 40 or 50 appointments per month.”

Vetsec answers around 50 calls per month on behalf of Alpha Vets, which displays the true value to your business of answering every call!

Was the service easy to implement?

“(It didn’t take) an awful lot from us. We just to tell Vetsec how things were working.”

And it improves the day-to-day running of a practice?

“It makes it more efficient really. Our in-house staff now let Vetsec take calls rather than rushing because they know every call will be answered.”

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