Earlier this month it was estimated that nearly half of SMEs in the UK are affected by late payments, with 15{e6dc0ce1f5f2d55dfae0d52ad2d0517dcccd33a50aebb63591eb191fe8579ab6} struggling to maintain their day-to-day operations. Averaging a total of £20,000 in outstanding payments for these businesses not receiving their invoices on time, 17{e6dc0ce1f5f2d55dfae0d52ad2d0517dcccd33a50aebb63591eb191fe8579ab6} have had to rein in on necessary spending to cover their losses.

Necessary spending is needed to ensure any company runs accordingly, including veterinary practices that have smoneyuch a large variety of clients; all of whom vary when requiring certain products or services, and thus invoice sizes. Are you one of these businesses experiencing an unpredictable cash flow because you’re losing out on your hard earned money? Are you too busy to make follow up calls asking where your payments are?

Considering that the rest of the country is experiencing similar occurrences, you are not alone! Spending more than ten hours a month chasing unpaid bills like 17{e6dc0ce1f5f2d55dfae0d52ad2d0517dcccd33a50aebb63591eb191fe8579ab6} of other UK firms isn’t ideal for anyone; especially when your practice could spend those hours attending to other customers and their needs.

There’s no need to worry again about outstanding invoices, because Vetsec is here to help. As a dedicated veterinary business support service, our professional credit control service can help your practice make sure your cash flow worries are a thing of the past. Securing payments for overdue invoices, whether it’s arranging it between yourself and your customers, or taking payment on your behalf. No more worries for you or your staff, our credit control service will ensure payments are made, and customers remain happy – all for a cost of a telephone call!

Call today on 0333 800 0025 or email at info@vetsec.co.uk to make sure you never have unpaid invoices again.