Overflow calls not only have an effect on the reception team; they can have an effect on the whole waiting room. Our overflow calls service really benefits many of our clients, and their customers too!

The majority of veterinary practices may not have phones ringing off the hook 24/7, or even 9 to 5, but many will be familiar with the rush they experience during peak times – all hands on deck are required!

At these times, your veterinary receptionists face the impossible decision between neglecting calls, including possible new customers, bookings and appointments, or delivering poor customer service face to face, in the often delicate waiting room environment.

Who's answering your overflow callsAt Vetsec, we don’t think this is a choice you should have to make.

We see two obvious ways of addressing this issue;

  1. You could attempt to monitor and analyse your peak times, assuming they don’t vary from day to day and aren’t completely coincidental, and, during this process, feel you’re like chasing your tail. And if you manage to identify when your phone lines are busy, how economical is it to hire extra staff for an hour or two a day?
  2. (Recommended Option) Instead place the extra phone calls your team can’t answer in the hands of a team you trust. A team who will deal with every enquiry professionally, diverting any urgent calls while sending any messages via text or email. All the while, your callers will think they’ve been dealing with a regular member of your staff.

Only pay for the calls you actually need answered! The extra calls you’ve been missing that can transform into extra bookings for your practice. In fact, answering all of your calls can dramatically increase your bookings; just ask some of our clients.

Vetsec is so much more than just a telephone answering service

Vetsec dedicates 2-3 Virtual Veterinary Receptionists to every client. Your Vetsec Receptionists can support you in any number of ways, by managing appointments and bookings, taking repeat prescription requests, make outbound calls to book follow-up appointments, and even take care of social media management, email marketing and credit control – our aim is to help your practice run smoothly.

Call Vetsec today on 03338 000025 and talk to one of our friendly team about how our award winning service can help your practice make the most of every enquiry.