Almost every vet we speak to is aware they are losing a large number of calls on a regular basis. However, less are aware of just how badly missing calls could be affecting their business.

In fact, our records show that vets could be losing as much as £10,000 a year in business due to missed calls.

£10,000 seems a lot of business to be losing every year, but it only equates to two or three customers per month. How often does your practice go a whole month without missing the odd call here and there during hectic periods

How much business could Vetsec save you in two weeks?

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What Vetsec will do for you?

– Answer every call your practice can’t.

– Transfer any urgent enquiries.

– Deal with any non-urgent enquiries, including managing appointments, taking prescription requests and dealing with insurers on your behalf.

We are so confident we can make an impact on your business that we’re offering to answer all the calls you can’t for two weeks, for free. Just to prove to you how valuable we will be to your business.

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