Working on a budget and trying to expand your practice are two tasks that normally don’t go hand in hand. Remaining in your comfort zone isn’t going to allow you to surpass your competitors, and so growing your practice becomes a necessity.

Ensuring you’re in the right place at the right time is key for your veterinary practice’s expansion. Without forward planning into considering whether your planned growth may compromise the quality of service you offer, your practice may not reap the prMoney notesomised benefits. Risk is inevitable when attempting to expand, along with added stress and time spent making everything worthwhile. Considering whether or not your practice currently offers you everything you want is
vital before making any future plans for growth. So, are you ready?

How to Expand?

The desire to grow may be there, but the financial backing may not. Spending time, effort and money
on areas that will not improve the productivity of your practice is wasteful, and so choosing only those areas that will increase this and not dramatically affect your overheads is essential.
Resolutions to this, without setting your practice back financially, are as simple as increasing your opening hours both during the week and weekend. Welcoming new customers during normally closed times is what our virtual PA’s at Vetsec specialise in – increasing your customer base without the excessive cost to you.
Additionally, using our services along with your specialist knowledge, whether it covers veterinary as a whole, or focusing specifically on dogs; blogs, columns or training can provide additional revenue for your practice. Or even attract a range of new customers, expanding as you wish.

How Vetsec can help grow your practice

Increasing your business capacity in a larger market, within a controllable budget allows your practice to test new products and services without the need to heavily invest in development costs.

Welcoming new customers’ to your practice through Vetsec’s fixed price marketing campaigns – From social media, e-marketing or telemarketing, our flexible plans are adapted to each individual business, and your financial availability. Your personal Vetsec PAs can increase your online presence to open your practice up to target new markets; growing your business by every new customer.

Increasing your opening hours without the staffing costs rising is quintessential to attracting new customers, and our friendly and professional PAs will undoubtedly make sure your practice rises above the rest.

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