What’s your New Year’s Resolution? Increase marketing? Get to grips with social media? How about maximising business simply by answering all your calls?

At peak times your reception staff are too busy answering calls or delivering customer service face to face to answer. However, many calls to vets are urgent, and if not answered your potential client will simply call a competitor.

Vetsec helps your practice deliver first class customer service at all times, without having to miss calls. We can answer every call you can’t, whether during the morning phone rush, or a long queue in the practice.

Stop missing calls, start booking appointments

The best way to maximise your business and fill your appointment book is to answer every call. And the best way to do this is Vetsec. Many Vetsec clients have reported a surge in extra business simply by Vetsec answering all their calls.

Every call you miss will be answered in your company name, thanks to Vetsec’ professional and dedicated team of Vetsec Virtual Veterinary Receptionists.

Your Virtual Veterinary Receptionists answer every call you can’t, in your practice name. Plus, because you always deal with the same 2-3 VVRs, they build up a strong working relationship with your practice and become like extra staff.

Happy New Year from the all the team at Vetsec – we are looking forward to taking your calls in 2016.

Call 0333 800 0025 to find out how Vetsec can help your business with our range of business support services.