Did you know…Pets don’t get ill at weekends?

Are you challenging the fact?

You are correct to, however did you also know…Vet’s waiting rooms don’t get busy at weekends?

How about did you know…pets are well known to behave themselves very well around other strange new pets at weekends, allowing front of house staff to cope easily regardless of how busy your waiting room is and how many calls you receive, at weekends?

SeeinPoorly Dogg as none of these facts hold a basis in truth, at Vetsec we thought we’d better open seven days a week!

That’s right, due to popular demand, Vetsec is now open 7 days a week to help you cope with the demands of your customers and a 24/7 society.

So now you can benefit from the UK’s first dedicated outsourced secretarial service for the vets 7 days a week, including:

  • A complete range of back office support services provided by your dedicated team of Virtual Veterinary Receptionists
  • Never miss another call or leave a patient waiting for an appointment – every call you miss answered in your practice name, again by your dedicated team of Vetsec Virtual Veterinary Receptionists.
  • Access to a wide range of additional services such as booking follow ups, credit control, and even social media
  • Plus much more…

To allow your customers to enjoy Vetsec’s unique service every day, give us a call today (we’ll be open) on 0333 800 0025 or visit the website contact us (link) more information on how we can transform your waiting room and save you money.