Do you want to remain connected with your customers, whilst attracting new ones? Make sure your veterinary practice is suitably engaging with those pet owners who bring custom your way; all with the use of social media!

Having an instant point-of-contact with your customers is proving to be invaluable as social media continues to prSocial Mediaogress. According to a recent survey, 54{e6dc0ce1f5f2d55dfae0d52ad2d0517dcccd33a50aebb63591eb191fe8579ab6} of veterinary practices across Europe use social media to advertise or promote their services – highlighting the 46{e6dc0ce1f5f2d55dfae0d52ad2d0517dcccd33a50aebb63591eb191fe8579ab6} that are yet to join. Being a percentage in those that don’t will only prevent you from furthering your practice and start looking unloved!

Well, we have the solution for you – our dedicated Social Media Service offers the best value around. Vetsec can promise your veterinary practice a professional and prominent presence in the social media world; all from just £75 per month!

What Vetsec Social Media Service can do for your practice:

  • No hassle – we research, write, link, tag and post your tweets and Facebook posts.
  • Anytime posts – meaning you can sit back and relax at home whilst we continue to interact with your social media audience.
  • Find a new audience – adding and following new prospective audiences to target new demographics.
  • Your followers – growing your following, and with it new opportunities for your practice; whilst making customers aware of new and exciting offers and news about your practice.
  • Cost effective – starting at just £75 a month, Vetsec Social Media Service is affordable for any veterinary practice.

Your personal Vetsec social media team will get to know your practice and become like members of the staff; providing constant interaction with those who matter most to you – your customers. You can be confident in trusting your outsourced social media service to provide the same high-quality service as in-house staff. Targeting those markets that are most relevant to your veterinary practice, your dedicated Vetsec social media team can instantaneously market new products or offers whilst staying in touch with current market trends.

To find out more about our fixed-price Social Media Service from £75 per month, call us on 0333 800 0025 or email at and see what we can do to help grow your practice!