Vetsec helps The Royal Veterinary College Answer Calls Six Times Faster

The Queen Mother Hospital is the small animal referral centre for the Royal Veterinary College, which has been working with Vetsec since a successful trial in March 2015.

During this trial, in which Vetsec took over call answering and overflow call services, Vetsec reduced waiting times by more than 80%. Replacing the existing queuing system, Vetsec’s Virtual Veterinary Receptionists reduced the average call waiting time from 2 minutes, with some unlucky callers staying on the line for as long as 8 minutes before speaking to an operator, to just 20 seconds per call.

  • “Call wait times have gone down from over 100 seconds to 20 seconds.”
  • “We have been able to speak to more referral vets and increase our number of clients.”
  • “Using Vetsec has allowed us to improve phone times, respond to clients quicker and improve their experience.”

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“I’m twice as busy thanks to Vetsec”

Holistic Vet Nick Thompson knew he was missing phone calls. But, until he became aware of a specialist veterinary support service, he hadn’t found a way to prevent his business losing clients through unanswered calls.

  • “I’m twice as busy thanks to Vetsec”
  • “Our practice manager enjoys the fact that she’s not having to answer the phone all the time and is free to run the practice. Vetsec has won her over.”
  • “I can phone a message through with a dictation, and I receive an email that is ready to send.”
  • “Thanks to Vetsec I now take all my calls. Previously I was probably missing 50% of them. That makes a big difference.”

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How can an outsourced call answering service improve your face to face customer service?

The Oval Pet Centre was “struggling to cope with the volume of calls” and “in attempting to deal with this were falling down in terms of interaction with clients face to face”

  • “By outsourcing our appointment calls we were able to free up our frontline reception staff to give exceptional face to face service to our clients.”
  • “We are able to give much better service to client clients coming into the practice. Vetsec enhances the day-to-day running of the Practice, allowing us to do the things we do best in the practice and freeing up our team to excel with clients.”
  • “We would recommend the service. It allows us to give that 100% commitment to clients who are in the practice at the time.”

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“We’re booking an extra 40 to 50 appointments a month since we started using Vetsec”

Established for 22 years, Alpha Vets prides itself on providing a friendly, efficient service. But the practice was missing calls, and, following a two-week trial with Vetsec, found the extra calls answered almost directly correlated into extra bookings.

  • “Before Vetsec, we were missing calls, and we missed quite a few clients.”
  • “Vetsec makes the day-to-day running of our practice more efficient.”
  • “Vetsec answer all our calls that aren’t answered within 15 seconds.”

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“Vetsec is something every practice should be thinking about using”

Lanes Vets is a small animal and farm practice in Lancashire, with around 16 vets and 60 staff in total.

  • “Vetsec helps when our receptionists are speaking to someone about a sensitive case.”
  • “Enquiries are dealt with effectively.”
  • “Our staff certainly seem very happy with it. Our receptionists can concentrate more on the clients coming in rather than worrying whether the phone is going to be answered or not.”

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“We needed to capture lost calls at busy times and improve customer service.”

Simply Cats and Simply Horses is a Durham-based clinic created by Paul Proctor and Sarah Middleton, specialising in equine and feline treatment.

  • “Vetsec is an improvement on leaving calls unanswered at busy times.”
  • “Vetsec provides a level of confidence that clients will receive an answer to a telephone call if we are too busy in the clinic.”

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