A Virtual Veterinary Receptionist, or VVR, is a friendly, efficient and fully trained veterinary healthcare assistant, who exists to help your practice. Your Virtual Veterinary Receptionists are always ready to take over and help during busy periods in the practice, or taking care of the phones.

How do you benefit from a Vetsec Virtual Veterinary Receptionist representing your practice?

A team of 2-3 VVRs, who are dedicated to your practice, will answer every call you can’t, ensuring you always project a professional image on every caller, even when your in-house staff are rushed off their feet.

The peace of mind of knowing that every caller will believe they have reached a member of your staff – and that your staff are always extremely helpful – our Virtual Veterinary Receptionists will always go out of their way to help callers contacting your practice. They are so helpful, in fact, that we regularly receive new business from our client’s clients!

A team with specific training and experience in the veterinary sector. We answer thousands of veterinary calls every month and are experienced in catering to the specific needs of your practice in a sensitive way, e.g. specialist end of life vets.

Your Vetsec VVRs provide support to your in-house team, by dealing with phone calls and taking care of administration tasks such as repeat prescription requests, especially during hectic periods. We give your practice an extra pair of hands, when you need them, to ensure you make face-to-face customers feel special.

Plus, Vetsec gives you access to industry-trained expert assistants, but you only pay for what you need, when you need it!

How will your practice benefit?

We take any number of incoming calls instantaneously and concurrently, ensuring you never miss another call – during a recent trial we discovered that the average veterinary practice could be losing as much as £10,000 in missed calls every year.

Improve your customer service. Virtual Veterinary Receptionists give you more time to focus on treatment and give your front of house employees more time to focus on dealing with face to face customers and managing the waiting room, and in doing so help you improve the quality of service you provide your customers, both on the phone and face-to-face.

Call Vetsec today on 03338000025 or visit www.vetsec.co.uk to find out how our Virtual Veterinary Receptionists can help your practice.