“Are you leaving your vet clinic waiting room fighting like cats and dogs?”

It is a familiar sight for a veterinary practice to see a waiting room full of assorted animals who don’t necessarily get on.

Why you should use a veterinary answering service

A veterinary answering service helps your clinic maintain a professional first point of contact for new patients and their owners, in turn helping to maximise new patient enquiries. Callers will think they’ve reached our in-house reception team, allowing you to provide a consistent, seamless service that isn’t dependent on in-house working hours or staff absences.


Your staff will love Vetsec!

Vetsec helps create a happier, less stressful, experience for your clients and their owners! “By outsourcing calls we were able to free up our frontline reception staff”

Vetsec helps you answer every call, book more appointments and increase turnover!

How can Vetsec help you?

Let your front of house staff take care of your customers, and their owners, while Vetsec takes care of the calls

Every call answered professionally in your practice name within three rings – no more engaged tones or voicemail messages driving your customers to your competitors

Your Vetsec Virtual Veterinary Receptionist can also provide back office support –  manage appointments, take repeat prescription requests and deal with non-urgent enquiries.

Provide a professional public image for your practice, even during busy periods

* Figure based on Association of British insurers news release stating that the average UK vet bill is over £300 – One billable appointment per week = 15,600 per year https://www.abi.org.uk/News/News-releases/2013/06/Insurers-pay-out-over-1-2-million-every-day-to-cat-and-dog-owners

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