From June the 13th of this year 0845 telephone numbers have been made illegal, making it a legal requirement for all businesses to provide a standard rate number for all customer service enquiries. Certifying that, if your veterinary practice is using one of these telephone numbers for ‘selling goods, services or digital content to a consumer’ without offering another number; you will be breaking the law.

These new regulations come from the Department for Business Innovation & Skills ‘Consumer Contracts (Information0845, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations – Implementing Guidance’, and are based on Ofcom proposed reforms following a study into non-geographical numbers.

Seen as an attempt to increase customer confidence in using phone services, this new law allows customers to have the option of using a less expensive number, and not forcing them into using a number they are unsure about. Those companies wishing to change their 0845 number can do so by having access to 03 numbers, yet through this implementation the need to also update marketing literature is essential – if not, you could be on the wrong side of the law.

If you’re changing your number

Having a telephone number that is distinctive and memorable to your practice is a simple way to improve your call rate; and in turn your customer rate. Without continuously having to remind your target market of your number, one that will remain in their head is more than likely to be their first train of thought when needing a veterinary practice.

Whether your practice is looking for a local number to relate your practice to your area, or want a non-geographical one to portray a nationwide image, or even something that’s simple and catchy to remember; Vetsec can provide this!

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