UK customer satisfaction is at its lowest level since 2010. This is due, in part, to raised expectations in consumer relationships leading to an increased demand for excellent customer service. Even worldwide corporate giants such as McDonalds are turning to an improvement in customer service to arrest falling profits.

Whatever happened to VIP service? How important are your customers to your business?

At Vetsec, we understand that your customers are your business, and we support you in providing the VIP treatment that should be afforded to them.

VIP service for your customers

Vetsec’s is a specialist support service dedicated to helping veterinary practices across the UK improve customer service, both face-to-face and on the phone. During busy periods, managing the waiting room is a full-time job for the veterinary reception team, meaning a choice between missing calls, or failing to give 100{e6dc0ce1f5f2d55dfae0d52ad2d0517dcccd33a50aebb63591eb191fe8579ab6} focus to patients face to face. Vetsec ensures that your practice always offers first class customer service, even during the most manic periods.

This ethos of customer runs throughout the business, from the top down, allowing us to offer a quality of service difficult to rival. When any of our employees take a call, book an appointment, or take a repeat prescription request, we understand that your reputation is literally on the line. Therefore our reputation is on the line, and we stake it on the quality of customer service we provide.

This attitude is made possible by our dedicated team of Virtual PAs. PA Answer’s PAs develop a personal and professional understanding of your business, your core values and unique requirements and become an extension of your in-house team.

To deliver this, the quality of our employees is paramount.

How our recruitment and training policy helps your business

We search for people who have a desire to go the extra mile, and be helpful, polite and friendly! The impact of making somebody smile can’t be undervalued, and we go out of our way to make it happen.

Every Vetsec VVR has undergone specialist veterinary sector training, and Vetsec has undertaken preparation and guidance in veterinary practices. This detailed experience and specialist knowledge has been incorporated into our rigorous in-house training for all Vetsec Virtual Veterinary Receptionists.

This, coupled with a dedication to customer service, allows Vetsec to provide an unrivalled level of personal service.

Call Vetsec today on 0333 800 0025 to find out how your clients can benefit from Vetsec’s VIP service.