Vetsec may be the UK’s first dedicated outsourced secretarial service designed exclusively for the veterinary sector, but what sets Vetsec apart from the rest in vet support services?

Vetsec answers thousands of veterinary sector calls every month

Vetsec’s team of Virtual Veterinary Receptionists deal with every type of enquiry you could imagine, and a few that you couldn’t, on a regular basis. Because of this, at Vetsec we hold vast experience handling callers dialling their vets in every situation, however, unusual or difficult, and seeing all calls through to a satisfactory conclusion for the practice, the customer, and the pet.

Qualifications & Training

Not only do we answer hundreds of veterinary calls every day, the training and qualifications of Vetsec staff make us stand out from the crowd. Every member of the Vetsec team has undergone specialist veterinary sector training, and Vetsec has undertaken preparation and guidance in veterinary practices. This detailed experience and specialist knowledge has been incorporated into our rigorous in-house training for all Vetsec Virtual Veterinary Receptionists.

We do this for one simple reason – to ensure every call to your practice is handled with the utmost professionalism.

We understand that it is vital that your customers speak to a friendly and helpful professional who understands their enquiry and the wider industry.

  • An unprofessional or unhelpful voice on the other end of the phone is as damaging to your business as an unanswered call. We strive to ensure your practice never falls foul of either.
  • Your customers are often calling at a difficult time, when they’re worried, both about their beloved pet and about finding the money to help it get better. A friendly and helpful voice can make all the difference, providing reassurance that they and their beloved pet are in the best possible hands.
  • As far as your customer is concerned, they are speaking with a member of your reception staff.

Vetsec is a self-funding service available seven days a week to your practice. Plus you only pay for what you need, when you need it. Call Vetsec today on 03338 000025 to find out how your practice can benefit from our unique service.