“Vetsec is something every practice should be thinking about using”

Lanes Vets is a small animal and farm practice in Lancashire, with around 16 vets and 60 staff in total. We asked Senior Partner Danny Callery about the practice’s experience in using the Vetsec service.

Which Vetsec services are you using and what procedures did you have in place before Vetsec’s virtual veterinary receptionist?

“Vetsec answer the phone if it isn’t answered within about eight rings, make appointments for us using an online link into our practice management system, and also phone and send texts to ensure we respond quickly to more urgent calls.”

“Before we used Vetsec, we tried to answer the phone if it was ringing. But that could be difficult, especially at times when our receptionists were tied up speaking to someone about a sensitive case.”

What prompted you to use the services of Vetsec?

“I’d heard about using a phone answering service at a business course I went on, so when I went to Vetsec’s stand at the London Vet show and got chatting to them, and I asked them to come in and talk to us.”

Does the service make a difference to your practice?

“Definitely. It makes it less stressful for our receptionists because they know if they can’t answer the phone personally, it will still get answered in a professional manner.”

“Vetsec are answering between 50-60 calls per month. It stops us missing calls, which we think is providing extra work.”

Have you experienced any feedback about Vetsec from customers?

“A little bit, we’ve certainly had no complaints. The general feeling from people who have mentioned Vetsec is that the phone gets answered in a polite and jolly manner, and enquiries are dealt with effectively.”

Have you had to implement any specific training for using Vetsec, and how do your in-house staff feel about the service?

“One of our directors spoke to Jade from Vetsec for around an hour, and Jade then trained the Vetsec staff in our procedures at their end. We made people aware here that Vetsec would be answering the phones when they couldn’t, and we made sure our staff here always have their practice mobile phones on hand for any urgent messages Vetsec send through.”

“Our staff certainly seem very happy with it. It’s extra back up for them, reducing the stress caused by having to answer the phone when they’re busy.”

Does Vetsec improve the day-to-day running of your practice?

“Yes, definitely, because the receptionists can concentrate more on the clients coming in rather than worrying whether the phone is going to be answered or not.”

Is there a standout example of how Vetsec has helped your business?

“Whenever I phone Vetsec I have been very pleased with the helpfulness of the staff there. They always sound very cheerful at the other end of the phone, which is what you want from somebody answering your calls.”

“It’s something every practice should be thinking about using because it improves customer service and decreases stress on the reception desk.”

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