Simply Cats and Simply Horses is a Durham-based clinic created by Paul Proctor and Sarah Middleton, specialising in equine and feline treatment. The Simply Cats practice was set up as a dedicated cat only clinic, to help our feline friends feel more comfortable in the veterinary environment, including a waiting room free from dogs, barking, loud noises and non-feline friendly smells, and specially designed consulting rooms with cat specific furniture and equipment.

We spoke to Gill Bradley, Practice Manager, about how implementing Vetsec’s Virtual Veterinary Receptionist service has helped the clinic cope with increased demand in calls.

Who's answering your overflow callsWhat procedures did you have in place before Vetsec? “Our telephone system prior to engaging Vetsec did not have unlimited lines coming into the clinic and as a result was more manageable.”

However, having identified that the business “needed to capture lost calls at busy times and improve customer service,” they turned to Vetsec.

After working with Vetsec’s Business Development Manager Jade, to develop their unique requirements, coordinate testing and undertake necessary training, the Simply clinics began using Vetsec to capture overflow calls during clinic hours. From there, Vetsec’s team of Virtual Veterinary Receptionists email queries back to the clinic or access the PMS to book appointments.

Which of these services makes the biggest difference to your business?

“All of the above”

What feedback have you had about Vetsec from customers?

“Clients who are happy don’t tend to leave feedback. It is an improved service compared to leaving calls unanswered at busy times.”

How does your in-house staff feel about Vetsec?

“They are happy we have the backup, and now that procedures have settled down they appreciate the value of the service.”

How does Vetsec affect the day-to-day running of your business?

“It provides a level of confidence that clients will receive an answer to a telephone call if we are too busy in the clinic. It relieves some pressures for the staff in the clinic.”

Is there a standout example of how Vetsec has helped your business?

Vetsec went live the same time as our new telephone system, which was a huge change to our clinic and a shift in operating procedures. Our telephone stats support the requirement for a service such as Vetsec.”

How was the quality of service you received through Vetsec?

“Our working relationship with Vetsec is good overall. They respond positively to any queries or issues.”

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